Artimecc sawing equipment is used in multiple phases of the Sapphire, Photovoltaic and Semiconductor industries.

Our Z1 large boule sapphire sawing equipment is a new generation saw which uses new generation blades to cut up to 300kg sapphire boules firstly into slabs and then into bricks. Artimecc also provides the process that delivers tight tolerances and surface finishes on the final product.

Z1 Pictures

TF 105 Filament Saws are used in the manufacturing phase of Polysilicon which is the primary raw material for both the Photovoltaic and Semiconductor industries.

TF 105 Pictures

Cropping Saw for preparation of Rods to be used for Filament production (C 105, CR 105, CG 105).
Our C 105 Cropping Saws are used both to remove the rough ends from Polysilicon Rods and for removing tops and tails from small diameter CZ Ingots and for cuttin these ingots into Blocks for wafer sawing.

C 105 Pictures

Our C 230 Cropping Saws are used to remove tops and tails from large diameter CZ Ingots and for cuttin these ingots into Bocks for wafer sawing. The C 230 is also used in the FZ semiconductor industry to crop, straighten, ring ditch and cone virgin polysilicon rods prior to inserting in the FZ Pullers.

C 230 Pictures and Video

Our S 150 Squaring Saw converts round Blocks into square Blocks and can either put a Round Corner or Straight Chamfer on the corners of the squared Blocks.

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